iShare Events

iShare Events is more than just another calendar.  iShare Events allows companies to offer their customers a way to schedule appointments from the palm of their hand.  This application solves the problem of companies that currently don’t have an easy way of managing their customers.  Typically today, the customers would have to call the company and schedule an appointment, and if the customer has to change the schedule, that would also require another phone call to the company.  iShare Event simply removes that need.

After downloading iShare Events, simply register. **  After registration, you can search for the company you are looking for.  This search functionality offers type-ahead, so if you don’t know the exact spelling, we can help out. 

After finding the company, click the search button.  When the calendar opens, you have the option of adding this calendar to your favorites by clicking the star button in the upper left corner.

** Registration is needed so you don’t lose your favorites when switching devices.

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